# Troubleshooting

There are several ways you can troubleshoot the Syrus 4. Some of these steps depend on your proximity of the device, but some can be handled remotely.


As of Apex-20.41-rc.1 - you can send apx commands to the Syrus 4 via the phone number of the SIM card. If you are using the embedded SIM you can login to your Pegasus account and navigate to the Organization -> SIMs section and send an SMS from there.

Note: you can use && to combine multiple SMS messages

apx-io set OUT1 true && apx-io set OUT2 true

apx-uchip update

apx-os-update force

apx-apps update syrusjs

apx-wifi add "myWorkWifi 5G" SuperSecretPass1

apx-logger warn "sms message to syrus cloud"

Refer to the list of result codes for the responses to SMS messages.

Pegasus SMS

  1. Write the apx command you want to send
  2. Send the command
  3. Wait a couple seconds and refresh the messages

# Hotspot/Router

If you're near the device you can use an application such as Network Analyzer or Network Scanner that displays the IP addresses of Syrus devices connected via a hotspot on your phone. Below are instructions for iPhone and Android.

# iPhone

  1. Rename your phone to Syrus4G

Step 1

  1. Activate the hotspot with the password syrus1234

Step 2

  1. If the Syrus is powered up it should connect to the hotspot, and with the application you can navigate to LAN tab, to view the IP Address of the Syrus 4. The IP address should start with 172.20.x.x

Step 3

If your Syrus does not connect, try powering it off and powering it back ON. Also, if you are near any existing networks that are marked as "Auto-Join" make sure to turn that Off temporarily while you connect to the Syrus.

# Android

  • Open the Settings App.
  • Select Network & Internet option.
  • Select Hotspot & Tethering.
  • Click on Wi-Fi hotspot and provide the name Syrus4G, password syrus1234

All Steps

  • Download and install Network Scanner
  • Once you open the application if you're connected via the Hotspot, you'll see an IP address range along the top of the app.
  • Click on Scan an external network and type in that IP address range, leave the default ports
  • Once the scan is complete you'll see a list of the connected clients, use that IP address to enter into your browser to access the device

Even more steps

# SyrusCloud

Via SyrusCloud you can login and navigate to the Commands tab to send apx commands to the device as well.

Syrus Cloud

  1. Navigate to Commands
  2. Select the device or devices
  3. Write the apx command
  4. Send the command
Last Updated: 10/29/2020, 12:47:36 PM