# Frequently Asked Questions

How many analog inputs (ADC) does the unit have?

Syrus 4G comes with 2 single analog input cables, and 1 analog differential input. Both single analog input support ranges from 0-28V. and the differential input supports 0-11V.

The differential input can be used as a 3rd single analog input cable but it's range would be from 0-11V.

How long does the internal battery last?

Syrus 4G comes with an internal rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery LP503759, with a nominal voltage of 3.7V and capacity of 1200mAh. When connected to an external power supply (+12V DC) the avg consumption can be summarized as follow

Conditions Consumption Avg mA Duration Estimates
SoC + Modem + GPS + BT + WiFi 196 ~5.8 hrs
SoC + Modem + GPS 150 ~7.6 hrs
SoC + Modem 135 ~8.4 hrs
SoC only 118 ~9.6 hrs
Power saving mode 2.9 ~393 hrs

Note that when the external power supply is disconnected and the device enters power saving mode, it will go into a deep power saving mode that consumes ~1mA to prolong the battery life as much as possible.

How fast are the network interfaces?

Syrus 4G has a 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Port RJ45 and 2 MIMO antenas at 2.4GHz. For more details on the network bands supported see the last page on the datasheet.

What is the IP rating?

IP-64. You can use anti dust protectors for the ethernet and micro usb ports to improve the rating.

# Mobile/Connectivity

Is there any failover in case I lose connectivity?

Yes, there's an automatic switching mechanism after 8 hours of no connectivity. If the Syrus4G is using it's external SIM card and experiences 8 hours of consecutive connectivity loss to the internet, it will automatically switch to the the internal/embedded SIM. This time can be configured on the apx-mdm core tool.

Keep in mind is that by default the internal/embedded SIM is inactive, but it can be activated at any point via the Pegasus IoT Cloud portal and placed into a default 10MB plan.

What's the average consumption of cellular data?

The amount of data consumed will depend entirely on the applications it has running. A typical installation of SyrusJS and Telegram can be anywhere between 5-15MB a month, if it uses the ECU monitor then it'll be around 20-30MB a month, and finally if you're looking at transmitting videos then you're going to need GB plans.

Regarding firmware/os updates, Syrus 4G uses mender to update, which features differential secure updates, that allow for updates to be carried out with low bandwidth usage. A full os update will be around 120-150MB, so keep this in mind when choosing a data plan and performing an OS upgrade.

Last Updated: 12/4/2020, 5:07:31 PM