The Syrus 4 API specifies how software components can interact with the device.

To use the documentation you'll need to replace ipAddress from the URL with the actual IP address assigned to your Syrus 4 device or you can use the local address http://syrus-IMEI.local:8080, example: http://syrus-867698041064091.local:8080

Note that the default port 80 is used for the Management Tool application, while 8080 is the default port used by the API.


When doing local requests on the device you can use http://localhost:8080 to test the API methods:

$ curl http://localhost:8080/gps/position

If you're looking to remotely interact with the API you must expose the remote IP address and port (8080).

The body of all the requests use JSON format.

# Authentication

Request authentication token

  • Properties:
    Field Type Description
    username String Username (default: syrus4g)
    password String Password (default: 123456)

# POST http://ipAddress/auth/login

  • Parameters:

    Field Type Description
    username String Username to authenticate
    password String Password
  • 200/OK Response:

    "user": {
        "name": "syrus4g"
  • 401/Unauthorized Response:
    "error": {
        "error": {
            "killed": false,
            "code": 1,
            "signal": null,
            "cmd": "sudo apx-user checkuser \"syrus4g\" \"1234567\""
        "errorText": "",
        "output": "{\"error\":\"Invalid Username or Password\"}\n"

The API uses Basic Auth to authenticate requests. This means you'll need to add an HTTP header: Authorization with the username and password base64 encoded.

Example with the default credentials (syrus4g:123456):

Authorization Basic c3lydXM0ZzoxMjM0NTY=

# Execute

API to execute a command on the terminal, the response of the API is the response of the command sent. This gives you the ability to send any of the System Tool commands via an API.


Note that certain commands like rm -rf are not allowed

# POST http://ipAddress/exec

  • Parameters

    Field Type Description
    command String Command to execute


sudo is not required to send the apx system tool commands

Execute system tool command to power on gps module

	"command": "apx-gps-pwr on"

Execute command to show list of directories

	"command": "syrus-apps-manager send-message instance_name \"hello world\""


Returns json data about GNSS/GPS location information

  • Properties:
    Field Type Description
    coords Object Location information
    latitude Number Latitude (WGS-84)
    longitude Number Longitude (WGS-84)
    speed Number Speed in km/h
    accuracy Number Accuracy in meters
    altitude Number Altitude AMSL in meters
    bearing Number GNSS heading in degrees, 0: North, 90: East, etc.
    altitudeAccuracy Number Altitude accuracy in meters
    timestamp Number Epoch gps timestamp
    extras Object Additional location information
    hdop Number Horizontal dilution of precision
    vdop Number Vertical dilution of precision
    pdop Number Position dilution of precision
    fix Number GNSS fix status
    satsActive Number Amount of active gps satellites used for positioning
    criteria Number GPS criteria

# GET http://ipAddress/gps/position

    "coords": {
        "latitude": 25.783386,
        "longitude": -80.293466,
        "speed": 0.015555568000000002,
        "accuracy": 7.199999999999999,
        "altitude": -18.391,
        "bearing": 200.38,
        "altitudeAccuracy": 8.7
    "timestamp": 1605203459,
    "extras": {
        "hdop": 1.44,
        "vdop": 1.74,
        "pdop": 2.26,
        "fix": 3,
        "satsActive": 10,
        "criteria": "signal"

# Network Interfaces

This API provides the methods for connecting to the internet over ethernet, Wi-Fi or 2G/3G/4G modem. By default, the ethernet interface is configured to use DHCP, so, in this case, you can connect to the internet by using ethernet without any configuration.

  • Properties:

    Field Type Description
    mac_address String interface hardware address
    ip_address String The IP address assigned
    connected Boolean True if the interface is connected
    gateway String The IP address assigned to the router interface
    netmask String The subnet mask used for the network
    state String State of the network, possible values: Interface_disabled, Scanning, Enabled
    ssid String Service Set Identifier
    signal String Signal strength in dbm
    key_mgmt String Encryption algorithm used by network, possible values: WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK, WPA/WPA2 PSK, 802.1x EAP, None
    mac String MAC address for wireless interface
    ip String ip address assigned
    rx_bytes String Bytes received
    tx_bytes String Bytes transmitted
    bcast String IP address for broadcast
    mac String MAC address for ethernet interface
    mask String The subnet mask used for the ethernet interface
    MANUFACTURER String Modem manufacturer information
    REVISION String Modem revision
    MODEL String Modem model
    IMEI String Device ID
    SIM_IMSI String SIM's IMSI
    SIM_STATE String SIM Card State
    SIM_ID String SIM ID (ICCID)
    GSM_REG String GSM registration
    GPRS_REG String GPRS registration
    RSSI String RSSI
    RAT String Radio access technology
    MCC_MNC String Mobile Country and Network Codes
    BAND String Band utilized
    OPERATOR String Network operator
    MODEM_STATE String Modem state
    eSIM_IMSI String Embedded SIM IMSI
    eSIM_ID String Embedded SIM ID
    eSIM_STATE String Embedded SIM State
    SIM_TYPE String Current SIM selected, possible values: EMBEDDED, EXTERNAL
    APN String APN
    SIM_PRIORITY String SIM Priority (0: default, external sim is prioritized)
    SIM_SW_INTERVAL String SIM reset interval in hours without communication
    KEEP_ALIVE String Network keep alive period


# GET http://ipAddress/eth/state

  • 200/OK Response
    "state": "Enabled",
    "mac": "9C:1D:58:3D:5E:9D",
    "ip": "",
    "bcast": "",
    "mask": "",
    "rx_bytes": "2415697",
    "tx_bytes": "12190418"


# GET http://ipAddress/wifi/state

Returns information about the wireless interface

    "state": "Completed",
    "ssid": "^-^",
    "signal": "-18",
    "key_mgmt": "WPA2-PSK",
    "mac": "50:33:8B:DD:1E:43",
    "ip": "",
    "rx_bytes": "741088",
    "tx_bytes": "10804998"

# GET http://ipAddress/wifi/start

  • Parameters: None

Enables Wi-Fi interface

# GET http://ipAddress/wifi/stop

  • Parameters: None

Disables Wi-Fi interface

# GET http://ipAddress/wifi/list

  • Parameters: None

List the saved Wi-fi networks

    "ssids": [
        "Other wifi"

# GET http://ipAddress/wifi/scan

  • Parameters: None

Starts a Wi-Fi network scan.

    "nets": [
            "ssid": "MyAwesomeInternet",
            "signal": -20,
            "auth": "PSK"

# GET http://ipAddress/wifi/reset

  • Parameters: None

Resets the Wi-Fi interface.

# GET http://ipAddress/wifi/add/<ssid>/<password>

  • Parameters:

    Field Type Description
    ssid String Service set identifier or network name
    String Security passphrase to connect to the network

# GET http://ipAddress/wifi/remove/<ssid>

  • Parameters:

    Field Type Description
    ssid String Service set identifier or network name

3. HOTSPOT This API manages the hotspot feature on the device. You can provide internet to other clients via ethernet or mobile.

  • Properties:

    Field Type Description
    state String Current state of the hotspot
    stations Array[] List of clients connected

# GET http://ipAddress/hotspot/list

    "stations": []

# GET http://ipAddress/hotspot/state

    "state": "Enabled",
    "ssid": "Syrus4G-LTE",
    "pass": "***********",
    "routing": "eth0"

When the hotspot is disabled:

    "state": "Disabled"

# GET http://ipAddress/hotspot/edit/<name>/<password>

To create a hotspot

  • Parameters:

    Field Type Description
    name String Name of the hotspot
    password String Password to connect to the hotspot

# GET http://ipAddress/hotspot/start

  • Parameters: None

Enables hotspot

# GET http://ipAddress/hotspot/stop

  • Parameters: None

Disables hotspot


# GET http://ipAddress/storage/hgetall/modem_information

    "MANUFACTURER": "Quectel",
    "REVISION": "EG25GGBR07A06M2G",
    "MODEL": "EG25",
    "IMEI": "867698040020000",
    "SIM_IMSI": "204043257090000",
    "SIM_STATE": "Not in Use",
    "SIM_ID": "8931440400015800000",
    "GSM_REG": "5",
    "GPRS_REG": "5",
    "RSSI": "31",
    "IP": "",
    "RAT": "FDD LTE",
    "MCC_MNC": "732101",
    "NO_CONN_TIME": "0",
    "BAND": "LTE BAND 7",
    "OPERATOR": "Claro",
    "MODEM_STATE": "ON",
    "eSIM_IMSI": "310260859100000",
    "eSIM_ID": "8901260852391500000F",
    "eSIM_STATE": "READY",

# GET http://ipAddress/storage/hgetall/modem_configuration

    "APN": "data.m2mcloudconnect.com",
    "SIM_PRIORITY": "0",
    "SIM_SW_INTERVAL": "72",
    "KEEP_ALIVE": "15"

# POST http://ipAddress/storage/edit

Edit the APN

  • Parameters:

    Field Type Description
    apn String APN
    user String APN Username
    pass String APN Password
    pin String SIM Pin
    "apn": "apn.com",
    "user": "username",
    "pass": "password",
    "pin": "1234"

# Inputs/Outputs

Inputs, outputs and analog to digital converters

  • Properties:

    Field Type Description
    IGN Boolean True when ignition is active
    IN1 Boolean True when input 1 is active
    IN2 Boolean True when input 2 is active
    IN3 Boolean True when input 3 is active
    IN4 Boolean True when input 4 is active
    IN5 Boolean True when input 5 is active
    IN6 Boolean True when input 6 is active
    IN7 Boolean True when input 7 is active
    PWR Boolean True when external power source is connected
    MOT Boolean True when motion is detected
    TIG Boolean True when ignition is active, it depends on ripple in the main power supply
    OUT1 Boolean True when output 1 is active
    OUT2 Boolean True when output 2 is active
    OUT3 Boolean True when output 3 is active
    OUT4 Boolean True when output 4 is active
    SO1 Boolean True when short-circuit is detected on output 1
    SO2 Boolean True when short-circuit is detected on output 2
    SO3 Boolean True when short-circuit is detected on output 3
    SO4 Boolean True when short-circuit is detected on output 4
    AN1 Number Single analog input channel 1 (0-28000mV)
    AN2 Number Single analog input channel 2 (0-28000mV)
    DAN Number Differential analog input channel 3 (0-10000mV)
    BAT Number Internal battery (milliVolts)

# GET http://ipAddress/IO/all


# POST http://ipAddress/IO/<OUT#>/<STATE>

  • Parameters:

    Field Type Description
    OUT# Boolean Output to manipulate, possible values: 1, 2, 3, 4
    STATE Boolean true to activate the output, false to deactivate

Example of Output 4 activation

POST http://ipAddress/IO/OUT4/true

# Accelerometer

The accelerometer API allows you to capture the device motion acceleration in 3D space using an X, Y, Z coordinate system. In general when configuring the accelerometer the higher the threshold you configure (more milli-g) the more force would have to be exerted in order to detect the accelerometer event.

  • Properties:
Field Type Description Range
MOTION String "0" if no motion detected, "1" if motion detected 0·1
FW_VERSION String Current firmware version of the accelerometer
MOTION_THRESHOLD String Threshold in milli-g (default: 30), higher values are less sensible to movement 10 · 500
MOTION_DURATION String Motion duration in seconds (default: 2) 1 · 8
MOTION_BUFF_TIME_SIZE String Motion time window in seconds (default: 4) 1 · 8
CFG_FORWARD_COLLISION String Forward collision sensitivity (default: -2000) -1000 · -15000
CFG_BACKWARD_COLLISION String Backward collision sensitivity (default: 2000) 1000 · 15000
CFG_LAT_COLLISION_FROM_RIGHT String Lateral collision from the right sensitivity (default: -2000) -1000 · -15000
CFG_LAT_COLLISION_FROM_LEFT String Lateral collision from the left sensitivity (default: 2000) 1000 · 15000
CFG_HARSH_FWD_ACCELERATION String Forward acceleration sensitivity (default: 260) 200 · 600
CFG_HARD_BRAKING String Hard braking sensitivity (default: -260) -200 · -600
CFG_CORNERING_RIGHT String Cornering right sensitivity (default: -350) -200 · -600
CFG_CORNERING_LEFT String Cornering left sensitivity (default: 350) 200 · 600

# GET http://ipAddress/storage/hgetall/accel_current_state

Current state of the accelerometer

    "MOTION": "0",
    "FW_VERSION": "1.0.1"

# GET http://ipAddress/storage/hgetall/accel_configuration

Returns the accelerometer configuration

    "CFG_HARD_BRAKING": "-260",
    "CFG_CORNERING_RIGHT": "-350",

# POST http://ipAddress/Accel/AutoAlignment

Execute the auto alignment algorithm. This is required in order for the accelerometer events to work properly. Send this after the device is properly installed in a vehicle.

  • Parameters

    Field Type Description
    state Boolean True to execute the auto alignment algorithm
    "state": true

# System

This API provides system information

  • Properties:

    Field Type Description
    ram Object RAM information
    total Number Total RAM
    free Number Total RAM free
    available Number Total RAM available
    cpu Object CPU information
    currF Number Current frequency
    usage Number CPU usage percentage
    governor String CPU governor policy
    stats Object CPU frequency breakdown
    rootfs Object Root file system space in bytes
    datafs Object Data file system space in bytes
    uptime Number Uptime since last reset
    loadAvg Number[] Load average
    apexVersion String Apex OS version
    releaseDate String OS release date information YYYYMMDDHHmmss
    sessionCount Number Amount of sessions opened with the device
    kernelVersion String Kernel version
    netLink Object network information
    netLink.name string network link information
    netLink.ip string network link ip address
    hostname String syrus-IMEI_NUMBER

# GET http://ipAddress/system-info

    "ram": {
        "total": 506084,
        "used": 173340,
        "free": 139888,
        "available": 343920
    "cpu": {
        "currF": 1000,
        "usage": 24.5162,
        "governor": "ondemand",
        "stats": {
            "300": 1154.77,
            "600": 94203.26,
            "720": 1197.33,
            "800": 877.77,
            "1000": 4425.88
    "rootfs": {
        "total": 444018,
        "free": 146610
    "datafs": {
        "total": 2255680,
        "free": 2035912
    "uptime": 101860,
    "loadAvg": [
    "apexVersion": "apex-20.45.2",
    "releaseDate": "20201109203527",
    "sessionCount": 2,
    "kernelVersion": "5.4.20-g738552d0b0",
    "netLink": {
        "name": "wlan0",
        "ip": ""
    "hostname": "syrus-867698040023056"

# Updates

This API checks for device updates

# GET http://ipAddress/updates/os/check

  • Possible responses
{"mess":"Up To Date"}

{"mess":"Update available"}

{"mess":"Update in progress. This will take a few minutes"}

{"mess":"Successfully updated. Device will be restarted in any moment"}	

{"error":"Error getting file. Try again"}

# App Manager

API to manage applications on the device

  • Properties:

    Field Type Description
    name String Name of the application
    version String Application version
    status String Status of the application, possible values: active, inactive
    manifest Object Information about the content of the app

# GET http://ipAddress/apps-manager

        "name": "syrusjs",
        "version": "1.20.0",
        "status": "active",
        "manifest": {
            "name": "syrusjs",
            "version": "1.20.0",
            "description": "Syrus.js  Application that works with syruslang language",
            "main": "main.js",
            "scripts": {
                "test": "test",
                "optimize": "rm -rf node_modules && npm install --production && npm prune && node-prune",
                "build": "npm run optimize && zip -r ../syrusjs.zip . -x ./configuration.syrus.conf ./_structure.json ./.vscode ./deploy.sh ./.gitignore ./.git/\\* ./.vscode/\\*"
            "keywords": [
            "author": "dctdevelopers@digitalcomtech.com",
            "license": "ISC",
            "dependencies": {
                "@turf/bbox": "^6.0.1",
                "@turf/buffer": "^5.1.5",
                "dayjs": "^1.8.25",
                "dot-object": "^2.1.3",
                "dotenv": "^8.2.0",
                "log-timestamp": "^0.3.0",
                "on-change": "^2.0.1",
                "syrus4-nodejs": "http://github.com/dctdevelop/syrus4-nodejs/tarball/master"
        "hasReadme": true,
        "hasChangelog": true,
        "stable": "1.20.0-beta"


API to manage the device's ECU interface for communication with a vehicle's CAN bus.

# POST http://ipAddress/ecu/eculist

Add a new parameter to the ECU configuration list. For more information on how to configure the ECU parameters, visit: parameter-file

  • Properties

    Field Type Description
    PARAM_NAME String Full parameter name
    PGN String PGN to configure in HEX forma (trim trailing 0s)
    TRANSMISSION_RATE String Transmission repetition rate of the PGN
    PRIORITY String Priority defined by the standard
    DLC String Value of the data length
    LENGTH String Length of the parameter
    START_POSITION String Start position of the parameter
    MULTIPLIER String First component of the resolution
    GROUP String Group of parameters desired, possible values: SIGNAL, PERCENT, EXTENDED_SIGNAL, NUMBER_VALUE
    OFFSET Number Second component of the resolution
    "PARAM_NAME": "new",
    "PGN": "FEF1",
    "PRIORITY": "3",
    "DLC": "1",
    "LENGTH": "4",
    "START_POSITION": "1",
    "MULTIPLIER": "1",
    "OFFSET": 0

# POST http://ipAddress/ecu/ecuconfig

Configure the ECU of the device. For more information please visit: config-file

  • Properties

    Field Type Description
    PRIMARY_CAN String Primary CAN configuration (CAN1_H / CAN1_L cables)
    SECONDARY_CAN String Secondary CAN configuration (CAN2_H / CAN2_L cables)
    J1708 String True if J1708 is configured
    LISTEN_ONLY_MODE String Listen only mode programmed
    "PRIMARY_CAN": "J1939_250KHZ",
    "SECONDARY_CAN": "J1939_500KHZ",
    "J1708": "TRUE",
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